CE marked device designed for extraction of essential oils from botanicals

Closed-loop extraction proves to be a swift and efficient method for extracting essential oils from botanicals. When executed correctly, it ensures a high level of safety during operation.



Cannabis processing equipment. 
Extraction of essential oils from botanicals. 


In closed loop extraction, the butane (which works as a solvent) in loaded into a pressurized tank. The cannabis plant ins loaded into the extraction tube and butane gas is passed through the plant to extract terpenes and other cannabis elements.

Closed-loop butane extraction reduces the possibility of gas leakage by containing all solvents within the whole extraction equipment.
Closed-loop extractors are produced according to relevant standards and approved by independent third party inspectors and institutions.
Extractors can be fully automated to reduce operating cost and increase productivity. It is much easier to establish GMP production with an automated extractor.

In Exeat, we produce different size of extractors according to the customers needs: from 1 kg to 50 kg or more.


Exeat performs botanical extraction for different applications.
Next to our existing portfolio of cannabis extraction, we produce other extracts, which contain different active ingredients intended for food in biotechnical industry.
We have experience with extraction of rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis), sweet wormwood (Artemisia annua), italian strawflower (Helichryum italicum), terpenes from citrus fruits, etc.


A “closed-loop” system operates entirely within a sealed vessel. The extracting solvent remains isolated from the external atmosphere throughout the entire process. The term “loop” indicates the system’s recovery and reuse feature. The solvent initiates the cycle within a vessel, flows through another with botanical material, and ultimately returns to the original vessel, forming a continuous “loop.” 


For maintenance, please follow the instruction manual.