As a highly flammable yet low-toxicity gas, butane emerges as the preferred solvent for various reasons.
Since the companys beginnings in 2015, extensive tests concluded that alkanes, particularly butane, offer the best price/quality ratio, ensuring optimal efficiency in processes.

Butane’s Key Advantages

Terpenes Preservation

Butane and propane exhibit the highest terpenes preservation rate, ensuring the integrity of the extracted compounds.

Energy Efficiency

Compared to Ethanol and compressed CO2, butane and propane boast the lowest energy costs, making them economically viable.

Color Preservation

Butane and propane do not alter the color of the flower, preserving its aesthetics.


Safety Compliance

Recognized as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by FDA and EU regulations, butane ensures safety in usage.

Penetration Excellence

Butane and propane provide superior flower penetration rates, ensuring fast, deep, and equal distribution.

Environmental Impact

Boasting the lowest environmental impact, alkanes align with eco-friendly practices.

Choosing Butane


After meticulous testing, Butane emerged as the optimal choice over propane. Three main factors influenced our decision:

  • Non-Sticky Flowers: Butane ensures flowers remain non-sticky, facilitating smooth processes.
  • Homogeneous Application: It enables a homogeneous application on each piece, ensuring consistency.
  • Lower Energy Consumption: Butane’s lower energy consumption enhances overall efficiency.


A Proud Milestone


This journey of discovery has led us to proudly present our solutions, establishing us as a great European manufacturer of Butane Closed-Loop Impregnation & Extraction systems. If you have more questions, contact us. For a comprehensive understanding of butane’s applications, visit [external-website-link].


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