We are thrilled to announce the opening of our brand new demonstration and teaching space in Brno, Czech Republic.
New working space marks a significant milestone for our company as we continue to expand our presence abroad and enhance our capabilities in Czech Republic. 

new space in Brno

A Hub of Innovation and Expertise

Our new spaces are located in Brno, aproximately 200 km from the capital Prague.
The new facility is a teaching, demonstrating and production hub of our expertise and innovation on the field of enhancing, infusing hemp flower.
To all our new buyers of Vacuum Impregnation Machine API 3.0 we offer complimentary training to show hot to properly and safely use the machine.
To all the interested parties we demonstrate the capabilities and production options of API machine while also offering production service to our partners. 
We can infuse hemp flower for you in smaller or bigger quantites, depending on your needs. 

What service can you expect?

Our visitors have the opportunity to explore the range od services we offer to meet their needs. 
Clients can expect
 personalization, quality and  efficiency of the hemp flower which is enhanced in our facility. Our dedicated team will put maximum effort in finding the perfect solution for the needs of our buyers. We can ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality.   

A Commitment to Excellence

At Exeat we are commited to achieving excellence in everything we do. From desigining machines and its develoment to offering the best service to exceed our customers’ expectations.
Our new facility in Brno is an important step towards expanding our offer while showcasing our innovative solution in infusing hemp flower.

Visit us!

Whether you are a current client, a prospective partner, or simply curious about our offer, we invite you to visit our new demonstration, teaching  and production facility in Brno.
To schedule a visit or learn more about our facility, please contact us using the form.


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